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You'll notice each of these definitions have words and phrases in common - 'planning' features front and centre in Kristina's and Margot's definitions, and Michael's is in a similar vein, talking about 'defining the process'.

All of these definitions are heavily-weighted towards planning and process - in each they take centre stage. This makes me a little uncomfortable.

I'm in no way suggesting that these definitions are incorrect. Planning and processes are of course imperative. But planning and processes concern delivery. Planning, developing, and managing are things you do after you’ve determined your strategy.To my mind the issue with these definitions is that the strategy which underpins the content you'll create is secondary to the planning and processes.

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Content Strategy is now a rocket taking off to take your website to the moon – it has generated a lot of buzz and news and is the trending topic for SEO sites. We all know that branding is important, especially with the latest launch of Google’s EMD update – which is Google’s way of cleaning up the web from spammy, EMD-dependent money sites. So how does Content Strategy Relate to branding? Better yet, how does branding affect SEO?

A brand is an idea – it stands for a personality behind the company. This idea is fed to grow larger and larger with each and every piece of other informative ideas supporting it. Those ideas are published as content. Creating a great content strategy in dishing out informative support ideas to your brand is a great way to make your branding stick..

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