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SEO is one of the most well-known Digital Marketing techniques, and delivers business growth by optimising your website In such a way to increase ranking and relevance in Search Engines for the exact keywords specific to your brands and your growing website.

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Content Marketing

Your brand needs writen content which help to stimulates action. Creating content for online consumption is one of our core activities. MyDigital Crown confident content chameleons, proficient at adapting to any brand’s specific tone of voice and Content Marketing.

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Digital Strategy

Smart and effective Online strategies that help cut through the noise. Digital Marketing is no longer separate – it is intertwined with your customer experience, right from the very start. From your target audience finding you to them checking you out up till them buying from you.

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PPC Advertising

strategies to reach right people, with right message, at right time. We think of PPC as a subtle and creative art. With more and more advertisers running campaigns, it takes innovative ideas and an outside-the-box approach rather than best practice to stand out.

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Social Media

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools available. We sum up SMM as word of mouth on steroids. It represents a seismic shift in the way the world communicates. Also known as SMO and SMM it is certainly not a fad and it’s not just for kids.

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Web Development

Successful Brands Start With A Well-Designed Website. We don’t just make pretty Good Website. Our websites are specifically designed with conversion first and foremost, providing the best platform for any SEO, SMO, PPC, and online marketing campaigns.


A potential B2B customer is searching for your products. But, who will they find first – your company or your competitor ?

Digital Marketing

We are a Mumbai based Digital Marketing Agency In Ahmedabad dedicated to helping ambitious small & Medium Size businesses grow. Our Digital Marketer use tried and tested techniques to put your products in front of customers.

For each of our client, we provide a FREE digital marketing audit, SEO Auudit, which covers all channels. The digital marketing audit identifies what you need to improve, in terms of Digital Marketing Services In Ahmedabad, to beat your competitors.

We are a network of Digital Marketers In Ahmedabad, whose primary objective is to grow businesses in a professional, friendly way. We are dynamic, efficient and effective, which you will see from our way of doing digital marketing.

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Digital Inovation

There’s a certain relief to hiring a full-service from Digital Marketing Agency In Ahmedabad – we can deal with everything, from campaign set up, to Digital Strategy, Social Media, SEO and reporting, freeing time for you to work on other areas. However, we also understand that putting all of your digital activity in the hands of one agency requires trust and a close working relationship.

That’s why we integrate fully with your in-house team, treating your business like it’s our own, communicating daily, sharing successes and working together to drive performance. And, with our bespoke reports available for you to access at any time, you’ll always be across your activity, performance and success.

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Digital Marketing Services


If you’ve been looking for a SEO Services agency in Ahmedabad you might have started to get a bit dazzled. It seems it’s a popular career! There are big SEO agencies, one man bands, and everything in between. What is it you really need from an SEO agency?


MyDigital Crown is a brand strategy and digital design agency based in Ahmedabad, but working globally. We build brands and shape reputations. Our raw materials are insights and ideas. We apply strategic and creative thinking to branding.

Social Media Marketing

Are you ready to grow your community and your business? Social Media is integral to building a brand in the digital-first world we live in. We use our knowledge of the ever-changing platforms, our expertise in storytelling.

Affiliate Marketing

Collaborating with the right publishers is essential to maximise the performance of the affiliate channel. Our integrated approach, which involves targeting strategic publishers through our skilled PR and affiliate team, is what sets us apart.

Google Adwords

Google Ads (AdWords) campaign can help with most marketing challenges such as raising awareness and encouraging people to try or buy your products. For store owners, Google Ads (AdWords) campaigns can help with new store openings, drive store traffic.

Link Building

Backlinks are extremely important. But not all backlinks are created equally. We’ll get high-quality backlinks from sites with high domain authority. We’ll build a 6-month link building strategy that is tailored to your company.

Internet Marketing

We have built and revamped numerous SEO Friendly websites and ran dozens of SEO, Social Media and PPC campaigns. With years of experience, we know what your business or brands needs to grow itself and be in the right place.

Web Development

We create powerful, user-friendly high performance websites which deliver tangible results. As a professional software solutions and a website development company, our main goal is to provide our customers with the exceptional quality they desire.

Organic Search

Organic SEO focuses on giving your landing pages the best opportunity to rank highly in search engine results pages (SERPs). Organic search engine rankings refers to the unpaid listings in a SERP, as opposed to the paid ads that appear at the top and bottom.

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What are digital marketing services you provide ?

MyDigital Crown is a full-service Digital marketing firm, which means we offer everything from SEO to conversion analysis. A few examples of the digital marketing services we offer include SEO, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Copywriting, conversion rate optimization, Website Design

How much does a marketing company charge?

Digital Marketing fee is the equivalent of paying a consultant or a freelancer on a monthly basis to help you with your business, etc. For example, an we charge a fixed amount for SEO for 10 Keywords, 15000/- a month. Social Media Marketing 25000/- Monthly which include Creative ,Daily posting, Organic Search, User Intraction and many more

Should I hire Digital Marketing Company?

In today's competitive business world it is very important to hire Digital Marketing Agency or Digital Marketing Consultants who make the right plan and implement it effectively. Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency will help your business to reach out to potential customers with the right strategies thereby increasing your leads and generating more revenue.

Which is the best digital marketing company?

A great digital marketing company like MyDigital Crown acts as a long-term partner in your success. They're flexible, creative, adaptable, results oriented, and approachable. They don't have a one-size-fits-all approach - they spend time on building a plan that works for your business and implement that plan as soon as possible./p>

Will Digital Marketing make my Business Profitable?

Yes, Digital Marketing can surely help you to grow your business. But you have to be prepared for each scenario. Performing smart Digital Marketing strategy can have your business outgrow your competition giving you smooth track to gain more and more customers or opportunities. Before placing your hand into Digital Marketing, hire Best Digital Marketing Agency In Ahmedabad.

What is digital marketing and how it is different from SEO?

Digital Marketing can be defined as everything you, your brand or your company does to market your products or services to customers and prospects using digital technologies. All marketing activities that take place in the digital real and involve digital media is digital marketing. SEO is one of the many ways you employ digital marketing tactics.

When is the best time to hire your company for Digital marketing services?

The best time to hire our Digital marketing services is during the time of your website development. Our digital marketing professionals work closely with your web designers and developers to make sure that your web site is search engine friendly. Designing a beautiful website and then realizing it is not SEO optimized is not an ideal situation.

Can digital marketing make you rich?

Yes, I am pretty much sure that Digital Marketing has the good option to make you rich in your business. But it depends upon business like type of business. Digital Marketing in India like MyDigital Crown will gives you a wing to reach and engage specific target customer and track them easily in very cost effective way.

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Twice profit than before you ever got in business

Join our award winning teams thats enjoy

Twice profit than before you ever got in business

Join our award winning teams thats enjoy