Ecommerce Strategy for Growing Business

  • Social Media plays important role into your Ecommerce Strategy

Social Media for Ecommerce Strategy

What is ecommerce? E-commerce is the activity of buying or selling of products on online services or over the Internet. If a business is selling a service or product online, they’re considered an ecommerce platform. As a business owner, you might ask yourself, “What is the best strategy to make the most revenue from ecommerce ?” The answer is not black and white. When it comes to an action, every business will have a different strategy and approach. For example, you have a site, does your business have a social media presence? Does it need it? Will it increase revenue? How? These are the types of questions you will ask yourself, if they’re not part of any social media channels. If they aren’t, then now is the time to join Facebook

You can consider Facebook as the “face” of a company, a medium to advertise on and also connecting with customers. It also promotes organic traffic, which potentially brings in new customers. For example, if a Furniture company just launched a new Furniture, it is a duty them to post it on Facebook so that their followers can read, learn and share the news. From there it appears on the newsfeed of user’s who might not have heard your company or product. In doing so, that creates a lot of and potentially creates more followers.

Social Media, particularly Facebook and Instagram is the perfect place for customers to engage with your company. It’s also a great way to provide relevant content to the business or services. For ecommerce it could mean showing features and benefits of the product and/or service. Now days it is essential to be part of at least Facebook, due to the large number of users that it has.

potential areas we could focus on for your business

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Offering a uniform experience across all social media channels

If a user is on their mobile phone, laptop, desktop or tablet, all promotions and branding should be consistent and responsive.

Investing in Mobile

According to research, people spend 65% of consuming digital content on their phones and tablets.

Creating a Unique User Experience

When users feel welcome to your social media page or site because it’s personalized to them, they are more willing to expend from their pokets.