Google Adwords

Bild Results Oriented Google Adwords

The online platform for advertising where the advertisers pay google for displaying their product and its details briefly which are available to web users easily.Cookies and keywords determined by advertisers are based on google Ads system.When users browse and click on advertising copy advertisers pay.

A part of generated income is received by partner website.Pay per click is the service offered under AsWords Bidding strategy can be used to reach automatically to cost per acquitsition.Local ,national as well as international distribution are included in Google Ads program.The display of product on AdWords is free it is paid only when a web user clicks on it .

The ad service is mainly focused on keywords.Based on web content,users location and other factor google uses its technology to serve advertisement.Enrollment with Google AdWords is available for those who want to advertise.The most popular program which specializes in creating and placing blogs,banners is AdSense

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At MyDigital Crown, before setting up any campaign within Google Ads, we perform extensive industry research and plan out our campaigns accordingly. Using this, we can build out relevant campaigns that will drive highly targeted visitors to your website.

Once traffic begins to come through the account, we can quickly get a view of how the campaigns are performing. Using that data, we make informed decisions and optimise the account accordingly, bringing in more customers at a lower price.

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