Search Engine Strategy Overview

  • Search engine strategy is one of the biggest challenges for digital marketing Companies face today.
  • 50% of company doing digital marketing yet not having any strategy behind their efforts.

Why is Search Engine Strategy Important?

Finding and choosing a way that impacts the bottom line of efforts and utilizes the strengths of teams and stays away from weaknesses isn’t for the sound good. frankly speaking we all face this challenge and the selections made can be impact an individual, teams, and an entire business.

Search engines are play global marketer role. Impressions of the current scenario surpassing that of traditional media. What does this mean? It’s simple. cash-management in organic rankings with paid opportunities, means that this global market has many moving ideas. What we know today, is that search engines will play important role to businesses for the predicted future.

Most company or business owners have dedicated their entire life to knowing their business. Mydigital Crown have nearly done the same in their respective field. We see both sides of the coin. A company owner with a mobile app wants to be number one on the app store or play store for a specific query. That’s great. But, do you have time for manage a team or person to do that in effective mode, without knowing what needs to go into it? No. You can’t. Without projection of outcome for 1st Ranking, it may not provide the traffic, leads, downloads, etc. but truly that the business owner expected.

Because experiance make a strategy, chasing tactics is not a business model. Things like “ranks higher for specific keyword” and “get me listed specific website” is a short-term approach to a long-term strategy. At MyDigital Crown, we strongly believe search engine strategies like

  • How long will it take to see results.
  • How many employee will be working on the project.
  • Will other resources like designer, development, copywriter,needed
  • What results we can expect.

Search Engine Strategy Planning

  • Search engine strategy planning can be very complex and tuff. A digital agency has many available strategy . Just think.. a typical SEO audit can be 40-pages long. From that, they recommend only 2 pages, with prioritized SEO tasks. What’s more,Nothing.we believes these sort of projects can only be defined by those actually work in search engine. Clients can rest assured that when it comes to defining a project, we are truly the expert on SEO
  • SWOT analysis

  • SEO audit

  • Historical data analysis

  • Business requirements